Friday, October 24, 2008

Divas, Diapers & Diamonds

Since this blog may be like a Diva Diary that we can look back on and remember fun things we did, I thought I should write about our recent Divas & Diapers and Divas & Diamonds events! I designed the invites to 'match' since we decided to have both celebrations the same evening. Divas & Diapers was an evening soiree at my house, to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Kristi's baby girl, Marley Ava. All of the guests were asked to wear black, as well as the guest of honor, who was given a pink boa to enhance the Diva theme! All of the fabulous Divas brought delicious appetizers, including cheese fondue (Shannon), cucumber sandwiches (Tina), mini quiche (Stef) and we all enjoyed champagne punch and my favorite dessert to make, cupcakes! Kristi received amazing baby gifts, some handmade by the Divas of course! Thuy made an amazing diaper cake with a super cute bright pink flower with crystals on top, along with a custom onesie she made with "D is for Diva" on the front, plus a comfy blanket with a hand embroidered "m" on it! Tina made an adorable "pillow-case" dress for Kaylee, and one matching for Marley is on the way (Can this be a Diva project? I want one for Kate!)! With our obsession with personalized gifts these days, Kristi received the fabulous "name necklace" from both Taryn & Stef, as well as the gift guru herself, Kelly Franco! I guess Kristi gets her choice of something else from the great online store of The Classic Crib! I bought her a hot pink blankee and animal print burp cloths, embroidered of course with a "m"! Speaking of burp cloths, Gwen (Kristi's sister) got her some adorable embroidered ones from Inky Binky Baby, which sounds like may end up being the new Diva source for embroidery! (Sorry if I left anything out...I was handing out cupcakes during gift opening!) I came up with a "Diva"ish game, in which I printed black & white photos of famous Divas, attached a photo to each guest's back, and then set them all free to figure who their Diva was! Congrats to Jeanie & Shannon who received prizes for the game! The candleholder favors were from Ikea, and wrapped with a label that matched the invites! Tina took some great photos, here is the link to view them all:

Divas & Diamonds was the "after party" to Divas & Diapers, celebrating the upcoming wedding of fellow Diva, Amanda! Amanda received some fun and sassy bachelorette gifts, before we headed out for a few cocktails! Tina got her two mugs, one that said "I Do" and the other "Me Too", and she got lots of fun undies & sleepwear & other girlie things! We gave Amanda a white boa and "encouraged" her to wear it out! Good thing she did, because it grabbed some attention which led to free drinks and shots! Here I am, enjoying a night out which never happens, and a guy comes up to me (I'm thinking.....hmmm...good, I still have it ;) and then he says "I know you, you're Tommy's Mom!" I'm officially a soccer mom (he's a soccer dad). Anyway, those shots mentioned above, suddenly hit Amanda and it was time to say goodnight!

Thanks everyone for a fabulous DIVA night!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No-Sew Summer Handbag

Okay, so I'm excited that the weather is finally cooling off, but can we make this project next year when it's time for summer fun again?!? Straight from, I received this in my inbox as the "Craft of the Day" and saved it for a possible diva event. She calls it the "No Sew Summer Handbag" and I think it's fabulous. Do you love it, or is it just me?

Domestic Divas Online!

Hi Divas! I figured it was about time for us to get online and start blogging! We can all add photos and articles to share with each other and whomever else cares! So go for it.....start blogging! (Maybe we need a divas event to explain how to do this?!?) It's super fun. Just ask Tina...she's got her personal one going now and it's great (Click Here) And of course, I know you all subscribe to my real estate blog (Click Here). Happy Blogging! Love, Kimmi