Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oregano's Margaritas!

It was so fun to have a "Divas" dinner out last week! Even though not everyone could make it, we had a great time at Oregano's. Although we all want to get back to crafting this year, it was very fun to just eat, DRINK, and chat! Well, I speak for myself when I say DRINK. Prior to the evening, Kristi & I even discussed a plan to take a cab home, if necessary. It's been awhile since we were both UN-PREGNANT, and enjoyed a cocktail (or five) together. And we NEED cocktails. It's not the same when you try to enjoy a glass of wine or margarita with your children running around at your feet. Anyway, I quickly slurped two margaritas, and ordered a third. To my surprise, I was DENIED. Apparently Oregano's serves up some strong margs, and upset as I was, I just ordered a Hefenwizen instead. Sorry ladies who didn't missed a lot of loud fun chatter, yummy food, strong drinks and most importantly....PIZOOKIE! (or whatever they call it now) Love you all....

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Divas Mix: Ready for More?

Hello ladies! Are you all still enjoying your Diva Mix or are we about ready for something new? I've got a few new goodies up my sleeve, and then I'm thinking about bringing in some old favorites. Any special requests?

I hope you are all fans of NKOTB now, I know I sure am. Thanks Kristi for letting me know they were on Regis...I DVRed it and am watching now! :) It brings me right back to my insane fan days. I've got to pull out some pics, so you all can get a giggle.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did Anyone Notice?! Jenn on American Idol

So, I'm sure you all watched American Idol tonight, right?! I have seen this girl a few times on the show, and kept saying "Gosh...she looks so familiar!" but couldn't figure out who she was! Well, she was on tonight and I finally pinpointed it! Now, if I wasn't a mommy to toddlers, I wouldn't have noticed....but our little TV friend, Jenn from High 5 was on American Idol! High 5 is a really cute kids show on TLC. Unfortunately, Jenn got booted today. She was in one of those "Sing-offs" and the other girl had a better voice. She's gorgeous and seems to be able to carry a tune. Too bad, I would have totally voted for her. I know Tommy would have liked her....he has a thing for hot blondes!


OHhh to get a full nights sleep again...

So it occured to me the other day that I haven't not had a full nights sleep in almost 3 months. This would probably account for my increasingly high number of brain farts and moody moments. When I started thinking back to when Kaylee was born, it occured to me that she was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks in her OWN crib in her OWN bedroom. Now that Marley is 8 weeks old she is still waking up 2-3 times a night and is still sleeping in MY bedroom! This has got to stop for my sanity! Anyone have a copy of Baby Wise I can borrow???

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Kristi is learning how to BLOG!

Hello Divas! Kristi & I are here doing a little lesson on blogging! It really easy and fun, and she is all set up now to contribute to the Diva blog! I'm going to get you all setup so you can post things here as well!

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