Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oregano's Margaritas!

It was so fun to have a "Divas" dinner out last week! Even though not everyone could make it, we had a great time at Oregano's. Although we all want to get back to crafting this year, it was very fun to just eat, DRINK, and chat! Well, I speak for myself when I say DRINK. Prior to the evening, Kristi & I even discussed a plan to take a cab home, if necessary. It's been awhile since we were both UN-PREGNANT, and enjoyed a cocktail (or five) together. And we NEED cocktails. It's not the same when you try to enjoy a glass of wine or margarita with your children running around at your feet. Anyway, I quickly slurped two margaritas, and ordered a third. To my surprise, I was DENIED. Apparently Oregano's serves up some strong margs, and upset as I was, I just ordered a Hefenwizen instead. Sorry ladies who didn't missed a lot of loud fun chatter, yummy food, strong drinks and most importantly....PIZOOKIE! (or whatever they call it now) Love you all....

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  1. Hey where are the pics from this memorable night?